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Honda NSX 2017

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Honda NSX 2017 Dealer

A new breed of supercar

After nearly a decade in the making and more than 250 prototypes, the all-new Honda NSX 2017 is finally here.

On the 16th of November 2016, Crown Honda history was made when the first batch of NSX supercars in the UK was delivered to our Hendon dealership. As the home of the NSX, we have NSX specialists and technicians on-hand who have received bespoke training on the supercar in institutions as far away as Japan.

The new NSX connects you to the road like no other. It’s a refined breed of supercar, precise in every detail, which combines real-world driving with fiery performance on the track.

The NSX strikes a perfect balance between form and function. The aerodynamic lines of the NSX create a strong presence on the road, effectively maximising downforce at high speeds. What’s more, the A-pillar design was inspired by the ancient art of origami. The unique three-dimensional forming and tempering process gives the NSX the lowest centre of gravity in its class and is a world first in the automobile industry.

The NSX is almost thrice as stable as its rivals thanks to a process whereby molten metal is poured into sand and then blasted with water. It’s the first time ablation casting technology has been used in the production of a car.

The engine is a turbocharged, 3.5-litre V6 that produces 550bhp and can do 0-62mph in under three seconds. Every engine is custom-built by the hands of one of six master builders. It's this human touch that brings the NSX to life.

Three electric motors combine with a V6 engine to drive all four wheels, rendering each individual wheel more powerful and precise. The all-wheel drive and electric motor combination is another world first that serves to make your mind and body feel as though they are wired to the supercar. The response from the NSX is instantaneous – think about turning and it turns, an extension of your own will.

"Possibly the most important consideration for me and the team when it came to the power unit was how to make the performance of the car accessible at all times. The power unit we have used gives the driver instant response, particularly in those first few milliseconds after the driver has made any input – whether that be acceleration, braking or turning. By directly supporting all driver demands – the throttle, braking and especially the steering, the handling of the car just comes alive." - Honda engineer Ted Klaus

Like a living organism, the NSX inhales air through the Total Airflow system to maximise performance and to cool the brakes, thermal units and powertrain components, and exhales air through vents to minimise drag.

But it’s not just the performance of the NSX that will set your pulse racing. The NSX is a mobile VIP lounge, with leather upholstery and high-tech audio.

The infotainment system can read and write your text messages and you can play all of your favourite tunes hands free on an eight-inch TFT display that features maps, audio, integrated Carplay and Auto.

The Total Airflow Management system allows you to tune the NSX to suit your perfect driving mode, be it:

  • Track mode - this is where the NSX reveals its racing DNA. With the sport hybrid system working to its full capacity, you’ll experience spine-tingling acceleration, cornering and braking. Point the NSX to where you want it to go, and it goes.
  • Dynamic Mode Control - the driver-centred cockpit puts you at the very heart of the NSX driving experience, instantly connecting you to the different driving modes.
  • Sport mode - this setting affords you the perfect blend of sound from the V6 engine and tailored performance for driving on normal roads.
  • Sport+ mode - this level stiffens up the steering and provides quicker shifting through the Dual Clutch Transmission, encouraging you toward the NSX’s red line.
  • Quiet mode - the NSX can run quietly on electric power alone over short distances for when you need silent running.

The NSX is unprecedentedly customisable, meaning that your NSX is yours. Choose from eight colours, four interior styles, three leather finishes, four wheel styles, and from a range of engine covers and rear extensions at Crown Honda, your local NSX 2017 dealer.

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