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Aircon Regas

Keep your cool this summer

Your Honda’s aircon system is an important part of vehicle cabin comfort – but it’s also a vital part of driver and passenger health. So, it’s vital to keep it maintained on a regular basis.

The air conditioning system will probably be used more in the Summer months. Inevitably, over time the air conditioning system loses pressure and the gas needs to be replenished.

For just £49, Crown Honda’s Summer Aircon Service & Regas ensures your Honda’s aircon is running at optimum performance, by adding fresh oil to the system and replacing the refrigerant.

We remove moisture and air from the system and then then check to see how your Honda’s aircon is operating: by visually inspecting, monitoring for leaks and testing the temperature. We also ensure that the aircon filters are clear.

Stay cool and stay healthy in your Honda this summer – with Crown Honda’s Aircon Regas.