Why choose Honda?

​When it comes to your business, we've made it our business. It's why we've worked hard to design cars that are highly efficient, affordable to maintain and low in tax. When it comes to you, we've made cars that are stylish and practical.​

Our cars are big on the environment, small on running costs. They do this with e:HEV technology – it’s the name of our next-generation Hybrid engines and transmissions that boost performance while switching between electric and petrol. Choose the new all electric Honda e and you will experience and even greener experience. But it doesn’t just save you pennies at the pump. Our cars’ best-in-class CO2 emissions reduce tax burdens and can even make you exempt from the London Congestion Charge, too.

A Perfect match for your Business

It doesn't matter whether you're procuring a 50 car fleet, or your own company car, choosing a Honda will show your clients you think differently about how you do business. Maybe it's down to our innovative new models. Or the fact that each of our cars are cost-effective, highly efficient, inexpensive to run and offer great tax benefits. Or it could even just be because they're known for being reliable.

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Honda Contract Hire

If buying a car outright doesn't stack up financially, hiring one might. That's because at Honda we believe that no two businesses are the same, so we tailor our monthly rental options with Honda Contract Hire. It means that you'll ever only pay for what you really need. We simply decide on a contract term and the mileage together, and then at the end of the agreement, you just hand the car back.

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Keeping Your Fleet Mobile

The chances are, these won’t be needed. But for peace of mind, we provide a comprehensive range of complimentary care plans to help keep your fleet on the road. They include a 24-hour roadside assistance scheme and the Hondacare Accident Helpline.