Fixed Price Repairs


We like things out in the open. Like our prices. When it comes to repairs for your car, there is a fixed price.*


No matter how old your car is, regardless of complications, and always including labour, genuine Honda parts and VAT – our prices are fixed.

Here’s our repairs pricelist, so you know what you should and will be charged when you come in to see our Honda-trained technicians to get a bit of work done.



Front Brake Pads £131
Rear Brake Pads £131
Front Brake pads and discs £317
Rear Brake pads and discs £317
Battery £123
Front Wiper Blades 2 £36
Rear Wiper Blade £20
Pollen Filter £51
Air Filter £53
Front Drop Links (each) £133
Spark Plugs Iridium £190 (set of four)
Spark Plugs Iridium £340 (set of eight)
Spark Plugs steel £94 (set of four)
Spark Plugs steel £145 (set of eight)
Coolant Change £90
Brake fluid change £70
CVT Fluid Change £90

Air Con system inspection (required before an Air Con Service)

Before we can carry out your Air Con Service (including an air con regas), as a legal requirement we'll need to check the system for any faults or leaks. The Pre Service Inspection includes:

  • A temperature check
  • A refrigerant check
  • A thorough inspection of the system's key components, including the compressor (See note in Section 1 below), condenser, drive belts and hoses
  • A leak test (using nitrogen)
Once complete, our team will give you the option of a full Air Con Service including an air con regas (also known as an air con recharge) for an additional cost of £75. We will replace and recharge lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with Honda's recommendation.

Note: the additional cost of the Air Con Service will be £50 for R134a refrigerant and £110 for the newer R1234yf gas.

from £29.99