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MOT £54.85 RRP (Without a service).


£27.43 for an MOT when having your Honda serviced. Contact us for more information.

The most important thing about an MOT is the certificate at the end. But we know that getting there, matters too.

Our Honda trained technicians are ready to go the extra mile as standard. That means increased confidence, greater peace of mind and more value for money.

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What does a Honda MOT include?

  • Honda trained technicians using only Honda parts.
  • Complimentary safety checks
  • Fuel systems checks (for leaks, security and pipe condition)
  • Seat checks for security
  • Body and vehicle structure inspection
  • Horn operation check
  • Steering and suspension checks​

How do I book a Honda MOT?

Simply book a Service, MOT or by entering your details, preferred date and time below using our online booking system, and we will be in touch to confirm. If you prefer, please call us on 02082004040 (Hendon) or 02089503311 (Bushey Heath). Book Online Now > or if you prefer, enquire for an MOT via the form at the bottom of this page.

When to get an MOT

The MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

You must get an MOT for your vehicle by either:

  • the third anniversary of its registration
  • the anniversary of its last MOT, if it’s over 3 years old
  • Some vehicles need to be tested at one year old - check the MOT fees table to see which. Find out how to check your MOT expiry date.

What is the earliest date I can get an MOT from?

An MOT lasts for a year. The date it runs out is printed on your current MOT pass certificate. You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT. You can get an MOT up to a month (minus a day) before it runs out and keep the same renewal date.

Example: If your MOT runs out on 15 May, the earliest you can get an MOT to keep the same renewal date for next year is 16 April.

You can get an MOT earlier, but the renewal date for the following year will change to one year (minus a day) from the date the vehicle last passed its MOT.

Example: Your MOT is due to run out on 15 May, so the earliest you can get it done is 16 April. However, you take your vehicle for its MOT on 14 April and it passes. This means that the MOT expiry date changes to 13 April the following year.

What happens if my MOT runs out?

  1. If your tax is due to run out, register your vehicle as ‘off the road’ - you cannot renew your vehicle tax if your MOT has expired.
  2. Book an MOT test.
  3. Tax your vehicle once it has passed its MOT.

You cannot drive or park your vehicle on the road if the MOT has run out. You can be prosecuted if caught.

The only exceptions are to drive it:

  • to or from somewhere to be repaired
  • to a pre-arranged MOT test.

Source GOV.UK

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