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Boot & Utility

Boot Sill Decorations

Part number 08F07-TGL-600-TR  Fitted price £160 Inc. VAT

The boot sill decorations are a practical and stylish accessory for the boot. They protect against scratches and bumps. With an attractive brushed stainless steel finish, it fits perfectly onto the boot's lining.

Boot Net

Part number 08L96-TEA-600A  Fitted price £45 Inc. VAT

The hammock-style boot net keeps cargo upright and securely in place.​

Boot Mat

Part number 08P11-TEA-610A  Fitted price £90 Inc. VAT

Keep the boot area clean and free from dirt and scratches. This boot mat is designed to fit perfectly in the area that needs the most protection. It features a black and red perforated binding and a woven Type R logo.​

Dog Guard

Part number 08U35-TGL-600  Fitted price £245 Inc. VAT

The dog guard keeps your pets safe by separating the rear passenger area from the luggage compartment. It's a must for those who have pets, and fits perfectly between the rear seat back and the roof interior.​

Boot Tray with Dividers

Part number 08U45-TEA-600  Fitted price £130 Inc. VAT

Perfectly shaped to fit your car's rear storage space, this waterproof, anti-slip boot tray, with raised edges and "Type R" logo, will protect the boot from dirt and scratches.​

Boot Tray without Dividers

Part number 08U45-TEA-600A Fitted price £100 Inc. VAT

Perfectly shaped to fit your car's rear storage space, this waterproof, anti-slip boot tray, with raised edges and "Type R" logo, will protect the boot from dirt and scratches.

Warning Triangle

Part number 08M09-SMG-600-TR Fitted price £6 Inc. VAT

​Compact foldable warning triangle in plastic holder. Features reflective surface, stable stand and SOS numbers for EU countries.

Fluorescent Vest

Part number 08YAA-9R6-601-TR  Fitted price £4 Inc. VAT

​Yellow high visibility vest comes in black Honda - branded pouch to be placed in the front of the car.

First Aid Kit

Part number 08Z25-9R6-601-TR Fitted price £7 Inc. VAT

Contains: adhesive bandage, bandages, dressing, pair of scissors, vinyl gloves, content note and first aid instructions.


Carbon Wing Spoiler

Part number 08F02-TEA-671C  Fitted price £2120 Inc. VAT

With this top-of-the-line wing spoiler you can really maximise the extreme look of your car. The center blade of the spoiler is made out of real carbon fibre featuring a red accent. This spoiler is a must-have feature on every Type R!​

Carbon Hood Air Intake Decoration

Part number 08F06-TGH-600  Fitted price £985 Inc. VAT

The carbon hood air intake decoration maximises the sporty look of your car. It replaces the standard hood air intake by a real carbon version.​

Carbon Rear Diffuser Decorations

Part number 08F24-TEA-600A  Fitted price £1150 Inc. VAT

The hand made carbon rear diffuser decoration has a vast impact on the rear of your Type R and emphasises the natural sportiness that the car radiates.​

Carbon B-Pillar Decorations

Part number 08F30-TEA-600  Fitted price £1030 Inc. VAT

Highlight the side of your Type R by applying the real carbon b-pillar decorations featuring a red accent within the carbon pattern.​

Cargo Room Protector

Part number 08P38-TED-600  Fitted price £70 Inc. VAT

By installing the cargo room protector in your car you can rest assured that the complete trunk area and the back side of the passenger seats is well protected. The accessory is easy to take out of the car when it is not used and is made out of rubber for protection and effortless cleaning.​

Windshield Cover

Part number 08P38-TED-600  Fitted price £70 Inc. VAT

This windshield cover is a shield against the elements. It will protect the mirrors and front side windows from heavy weather when your car is parked outside and it features the "Civic" logo.​​

Carbon Door Mirror Caps

Part number 08R06-TGH-610  Fitted price £630 Inc. VAT

Bring your Type R to the next level with the hand-made carbon mirror caps featuring a red accent. These subtle accessories will make sure your car does not pass by unnoticed.​​

Door Mirror Caps - Silver

Part number 08R06-TGL-630  Fitted price £630 Inc. VAT

These premium silver door mirror caps are specifically made for your Type R in order to bring extra style to the natural sportiness of the car.​


Red Front Ambient Footlight

Part number 08E10-TEA-600A  Fitted price £270 Inc. VAT

By unlocking the doors or turning on the ignition, the front footwell becomes illuminated – giving a deep, warm glow to the interior of your car.​

Illuminated Doorstep Garnishes

Part number 08E12-TEA-600B  Fitted price £440 Inc. VAT

The Illuminated Doorstep Garnishes are crafted in black anodized aluminum and feature a red illuminated "Type R" logo. They protect the inner door from marks and scratches. The front trims are illuminated while the rear trims are non-illuminated.​

Red Console Illumination

Part number 08E16-TEA-610B  Fitted price £345 Inc. VAT

By turning on the headlights, the sides of the console become illuminated, bringing subtle lighting to the interior of your car with a sporty red light.​

Red Door Lining Illumination

Part number 08E20-TEA-600A  Fitted price £400 Inc. VAT

By turning on the ignition, the door lining becomes illuminated. It's fitted to the door handles and door pockets and emits a sporty red glow.​

Carbon Doorstep Garnishes

Part number 08F05-TEA-600A  Fitted price £925 Inc. VAT

The door sill trims are manufactured out of real hand made carbon. They are bound to make a lasting impression once you open the door of your Type R. The front door sill trims feature the Type R logo.​

Elegance Floor Carpets

Part number 08P15-TEA-510B  Fitted price £190 Inc. VAT

The Type R elegance floor carpets bring the interior of your car to a higher level. Featured in black with red perforated binding and a woven Type R logo.​

Front Lipped Rubber Mats

Part number 08P18-TEA-510A Fitted price £75 Inc. VAT

These rubber mats – with raised edges – are made to protect the front footwell, and feature the "Civic" logo. They are tough yet easy to clean. The kit includes two mats.​

Rear Lipped Rubber Mats

Part number 08P19-TEA-610A Fitted price £45 Inc. VAT

These rubber mats – with raised edges – are made to protect the rear footwell. They are tough yet easy to clean.

Baby-Safe ISOFIX Base

Part number 08P90-E13-600 Fitted price £165 Inc. VAT

The base is fixed to your car's ISOFIX connection points, and simply clicks or unclicks onto the base as you need it.​ ​

Childseat Group 2/3 KIDFIX XP

Part number 08P90-T7S-601 Fitted price £250 Inc. VAT

This seat, for an older child, is fully reclinable and anchors directly to the car's chassis. Kidfix can also be fitted with or without ISOFIX using the car's 3-point seatbelts. For children 15 to 36kg / 3 to 12 years.​​

Childseat Group 1 Duo Plus ISOFIX

Part number 08P90-TA2-604 Fitted price £330 Inc. VAT

With two installation options – ISOFIX, or a 3-point seatbelt – this seat anchors directly to the car's chassis and has a unique Pivot Pitch control to reduce any sudden movement. For children 9 months to 4 years.​

Childseat Group 0+ Baby-Safe Plus

Part number 08P90-TA2-606D Fitted price £190 Inc. VAT

The high side wings and deep shell offer maximum side impact security – even for the smallest child. For babies up to 13kg / 15 months.

Cupholder Ashtray

Part number 08U25-TEA-610  Fitted price £55 Inc. VAT

​Fits perfectly into the cup holder and is removable for easy cleaning.

Cigar lighter

Part number 08U96-TV0-600-TR Fitted price £45 Inc. VAT

Fits perfectly into the cup holder and is removable for easy cleaning.

Wireless Charger

Part number 08U58-TEA-510A Fitted price £445 Inc. VAT

The Honda wireless charger kit ensures your smartphone never runs out of power. Simply place your phone on the integrated charging mat for effortless charging without the hassle of wires.

Carbon Interior Panels

Part number 08Z03-TEA-500  Fitted price £1345 Inc. VAT

Bring style and extreme sports together in the ‘cockpit’ of your car by applying the carbon interior panels. These hand-made carbon accents on the dashboard, the center console and the front doors of your car give it just that bit of extra dash.



Alloy Wheels

19 inch grey alloy wheels

Part number 19-inch-grey 

20 inch black alloy wheels

Part number 20-inch-black 

20 inch black alloy wheels

Part number 20-inch-black