Catalytic Converter Marking Service

Catalytic converters - Operation Feline

Crown Honda has partnered with Herts Police for Operation Feline, Hertfordshire's catalytic converter security campaign.

To help fight the thefts of Catalytic Converters, Herts Police have supplied Crown Honda Bushey Heath and Hendon with marking kits. To play our part in the campaign we are installing the kits to the eligible Honda models free of charge, whilst stocks last.

You can book this service by filling out the enquiry form below or calling Bushey Heath 020 8950 3311 or Hendon 020 8200 4040

Catalytic converter theft

Here are some steps you can take to reduce the opportunity for a criminal to steal your catalytic converter:

  • Don’t park your car/van half on the pavement as it makes it easier for the thieves to get underneath it.
  • If you have a diesel van or other high clearance vehicles having your catalytic converter marked, or secured can deter thieves who steal them for the precious metal components.
  • Park in a garage or other secure area if possible.
  • Consider property marking your catalytic converter. It is cheap and may reduce your insurance.
  • A sign in your window saying your catalytic converter has been marked may well deter thieves.

You can also buy clamps to secure your catalytic converter to your vehicle and get marking kits which are an effective deterrent against catalytic converter theft.

Models including Honda Jazz 2002 – 2008, Civic 2002 – 2005, CR-V 2002 – 2006, Accord 1999 - 2006 are more likely to be targeted.

• For more information please visit Herts Police
Click here to watch a Video of Catalytic Converter theft

To take advantage of this Catalytic Converter campaign, please fill out and submit the below enquiry form.

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