London ULEZ - Everything you need to know

What is ULEZ?

Ultra Low Emission Zones, or ULEZs, are designated areas where only the cleanest vehicles are allowed to drive. The goal of ULEZs is to improve air quality by reducing emissions from vehicles.

To drive in a ULEZ, a vehicle must meet certain emissions standards. These standards are typically stricter than those required by the state or national government. For example, in London, ULEZ standards require vehicles to meet Euro 4 emissions standards (mostly pre-2006 models) and Euro 6 standards for diesel vehicle (mostly pre-2017 models). By expanding London’s ULEZ it is estimated it will take off 20,000 to 40,000 vehicles off the road.

If a vehicle does not meet the ULEZ standards, the driver may be subject to a charge. In London, for example, the charge is £12.50 per day, in addition to the congestion charge.

ULEZs have been implemented in several cities around the world, including London, Paris, Madrid, and Athens, and it is likely that more cities will implement ULEZs in the future to aid in reducing emissions and improving air quality.

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone is expanding

The expansion of London's ULEZ happens on 29th August 2023 and will cover all London boroughs towards the North Circular Road A406 and South Circular Road (A205) boundary. The expansion includes coverage of our Hendon dealership and near our Bushey Heath dealership.

Most vehicles, including cars and vans, need to meet the ULEZ emissions standards or their drivers must pay a daily charge to drive within the zone:

  • £12.50 for most vehicle types, including cars, motorcycles and vans (up to and including 3.5 tonnes)
  • £100 for heavier vehicles, including lorries (over 3.5 tonnes) and buses/coaches (over 5 tonnes)

Find out more about London's Ultra Low Emission Zone on the UK's Government website via the link below.

More ULEZ info

Is my car ULEZ ready?

To check if your vehicle is ULEZ compliant, simply visit the UK's Government website via the link below and enter your car's registration number and follow the instructions.

Check if my vehicle is ULEZ Compliant

London ULEZ Map - As of 29/08/23
ULEZ Map - Including expansion as of 29/08/23

London scrappage scheme

In addition to the expansion of the ULEZ, on April 4th 2023, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan also announced that the scrappage scheme will be widened to make it easier for Londoners to switch to cleaner vehicles. Under the new scheme, all Londoners with non-compliant vehicles will be eligible for a £2,000 grant to help them buy a new car or van that meets the ULEZ standards. More info >

If you would like advice or assistance with the scrappage scheme process, pleas feel free to contact us.

My car is not ULEZ compliant, how much is it worth?

Our expert valuation team can help you determine the true value of your car. We take into account a variety of factors, including the make, model, year, mileage, condition, and any optional extras. We also use real-time market data to ensure that you get the most accurate valuation possible.

The valuation process is quick and easy. Simply enter your car's registration number and mileage into our online valuation tool via the link below. We will then provide you with a free, no-obligation valuation within minutes. If you are happy with the valuation, we can help you sell your car quickly and easily.

Value my car

Honda ULEZ Hertfordshire check

The new Honda range is ULEZ compliant .

We are proud to say that the newest models of the Honda range are ready for the expansion of London's Ultra Low Emission Zones. View the Honda ULEZ complaint range below.

  • All new mainstream Honda models are Hybrid or Electric & are ULEZ compliant.
  • Some new Honda models are available for immediate delivery. Please contact us for more information.
  • The vast majority of our used Honda stock is ULEZ compliant. Browse Approved Used Stock >
Honda hybrid and electric ULEZ compliant check

Honda Jazz Hybrid &  Jazz Crosstar Hybrid​

The all-new Jazz is here featuring Honda Hybrid Technology - e:HEV. It is responsive, smooth and efficient. This is the Jazz you know and love now updated with a sleek, new style. With its bold stature, you can choose between two variants: the advanced Jazz and the sporty Jazz Crosstar.

More info​

Honda Jazz Hybrid ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda

Honda CR-V Hybrid

With a new rugged design, luxurious interiors and intuitive technology, it’s built to lead the way.
And for the very first time, it’s available in two models: the CR-V e:HEV full hybrid and the CR-V e:PHEV, plug-in hybrid.

More info​

New 2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda

Honda HR-V Hybrid

 The latest generation of Honda's popular HR-V compact SUV, available with a powerful and responsive two-motor e:HEV powertrain as standard for the first time. The all-new HR-V delivers exceptional hybrid efficiency and advanced safety and technology features, all incorporated into a bold and sleek coupe-inspired form designed to enhance the class-leading interior space and comfort the nameplate is known for.

More info

Honda HR-V Hybrid ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda

Honda e

Honda’s first all-electric urban car. The Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and futuristic technology. Engineered to deliver an exceptional driving experience. The Honda e blends emission-free driving with exhilarating performance. This sporty, electric car is responsive, nimble and extremely manoeuvrable, making driving around the city pure fun.

More info

Honda Civic Hybrid

 The all-new Civic e.HEV is a dynamic self charging, full hybrid hatchback that complements the Civic's design and technology with exhilarating, electrified power​.

More info

Honda Civic Hybrid ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda

Honda Civic Type R

The Type R’s muscular shape is dramatic yet functional. It's been designed to optimise airflow and boost down-force with a new under spoiler diffuser, resulting in sharper handling and high-speed stability.

More info

Honda Civic TYPE R ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda

Honda ZR-V Hybrid

Our sportiest ever hybrid SUV. Offering the perfect blend of sophisticated styling, practicality and sporty driving experience, all grades of the ZR-V feature Honda’s award-winning e:HEV full hybrid system as standard – upgraded to increase power and responsiveness.

More info

Honda ZR-V ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda

Honda e:Ny1

Introducing Honda’s first electric SUV. The bold fluid exterior is married to a state-of-the-art powertrain and is complemented by an advanced and sophisticated interior. The e:Ny1 is the zero-emission vehicle for the new generation.

More info

Honda e:Ny1 electric SUV ULEZ Compliant - Crown Honda