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100% Electric. Zero Emissions.

Introducing Honda’s first all-electric urban car. The Honda e is a dream made real with its unique combination of dynamic performance, refined comfort and futuristic technology. Engineered to deliver an exceptional driving experience Better yet, you now book a test drive today to experience Honda's first fully electric vehicle. unaccompanied test drives are available from home or from Crown Honda, subject to terms & conditions.

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AUTOCAR Britain's best cars

Britain's Best In-car Technology 2020

"A truly 21st century cabin helped Honda's small EV scoop a prize at this year's Britain's Best Car Awards."


Red dot Winner 2020

Best of the best car design 2020

"The clear forms of the Honda e have emerged to epitomise the idea of an entirely novel electric vehicle with a modern, young and fresh design. This effect continues in the interior with a harmonious combination of high-quality materials and a futurist-looking instrument panel. The powerful drive offers a special experience, as the car is driven with just one pedal. Furthermore, highly convenient are the numerous innovative assistance systems."

Source Red dot Smart Product Award

Smart Product 2020

"The Honda e impresses with its user-friendly digital interior, networked services and artificial intelligence, making it a comprehensively smart electric car."

Source Red dot best of the best car design Award |

HONDA E | Design

Designed around you

Spacious, light and comfortable, the Honda e is designed to be completely different from anything you’ve ever experienced before, taking car design to another level.

Emotive lines

Minimalism not only enhances the overall appearance of the car but also improves its efficiency too. This combination of sleek, modern design together with advanced technology is what really makes the Honda e stand out from the crowd.

Ride in space

Step in to the spacious interior of the Honda e and you’re immediately insulated from the hustle and bustle. It’s a calm and serene environment – like a lounge – with an interior design that's light and airy.

Room to move

There is no centre-console either, so it feels even wider. As you settle into the comfortable seats and take in the wide full-screen instrument panel, it really will feel like a smooth journey through space

Passenger Comfort

The Honda e has a deceptively spacious interior, which suits everybody. The rear seating area provides your passengers with excellent legroom and is one of the most spacious cars you can own in the small-car category.

Live life in colour | Calm and cool, dark and moody or bright and sporty? Choose a colour for your Honda e that suits you and your lifestyle.


Pure electric performance

The Honda e blends emission-free driving with exhilarating performance. This sporty, electric car is responsive, nimble and extremely manoeuvrable, making driving around the city pure fun.

The Honda e has 136PS. This gives it a power advantage which helps to create an engaging driving experience.

Designed at the ultimate city commuter, the driving range of 137 miles is well within most commuter journeys.

Honda e owners also have the ability to enhance regeneration at varying rates, which allows the driver to effortlessly improve economy at their convenience.

Instant power

The Honda e may look great on the outside, but it’s the torque it delivers from within that's really impressive. No gear changes, just press down on the single pedal and you'll feel an exciting and instant response.

Choose your drive

Take it way up to the max, or tone it down.
The Honda e has two drive modes. Normal, for a quiet refined drive around town and Sport, for increased responsiveness, which also adjusts the suspension for better handling when you’re zipping around corners.


Be safe in the city

The Honda e comes with Honda Sensing along with a few extra features.

Lead Car Departure Notification System

Alerts you when driver in front has moved ahead from standstill. The Honda e will let you know that way ahead is clear.

Collision Mitigation Throttle Control

Preventing a sudden acceleration following cars in traffic, the Honda e will know if the car in front has suddenly stopped. For example, at a roundabout where the driver in front may change their mind and apply the brake.

Low Speed Brake Function

If you're close to an object that you may not have noticed, the Honda e will apply emergency braking while driving at low speed.


The My Honda+ App for iPhone & Android, allows you to manage your Honda car using your mobile device. Optimised for 2020 and newer models of Honda e and Jazz Hybrid, the App allows you to control features of your car remotely, check your cars security and sending destinations directly to your in-car sat-nav.

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Key Features

Honda e

Honda e Advance

BHP 134bhp151bhp
My Honda+

Full width dual screen
Leather steering wheel
Single Pedal Control
Smart Entry and Start
230 Volt Outlet
Centre Camera System
Charging Port
Honda Sensing
LED Daytime Running Lights
Sky Roof
Pop-Out Door Handles
Rear Privacy Glass
Side Camera Mirror System
Heated Steering Wheel
Honda Parking Pilot
Front Heated Seats
From £27,160.00*From £29,660.00*

* Prices inclusive of £3000 government grant


The Honda e has many innovative features and is packed with the latest technology, offering impressive performance in a sleek package.
Watch the below videos for a more in depth look into the Honda e's many unique characteristics.